Another Real Life Walter White Brought to Justice

A drug baron in the States has been sent down for dealing, and his name and occupation bears more than a passing resemblance to TV’s most famous narcotics lord.

The name? Walter White. The drug? Meth. Great Odin’s raven! What a coincidence.

The real Walt was caught flogging meth to Nebraska oil field workers and was sentenced to 12 years in jail. After which, the police discovered that 53 year old from Montana was dealer numero uno in the region, that is until his own son shot him during a debt dispute.

"Multiple evidence" – including four ounces of meth, two guns and more than £9,000 in cash – was found by police when they searched his house.

Looks like both he and his TV counterpart even have a similar taste in beards. Wow.

Oddly enough this is the second time a Meth Kingpin has emerged with the same name as Bryan Cranston's Breaking Bad character. There's a great little documentary over on Vice of another Walter White who liked to cook up.

£50 quid says there are loads of drugs dealers knocking about now calling themselves Heisenberg. I think I saw a car reg with that recently in Kirkby.  

Matt Gammond