Bieber Behaves like Bellend. Again.

In news that has caused absolutely no surprise to anyone whatsoever, Justin Bieber has done something annoying and dickish once again. It’s becoming a fairly regular thing, and a far cry from the cute, harmless high-pitched kid we first met him as.

Biebs and his entourage were all detained in Brisbane International Airport on arriving in Australia for his “Believe” tour. We’re going to skim over that cracking name for a tour and just focus on the offenses.

Initially the group were detained on suspicion of drug offenses after two sniffer dogs were attracted to their luggage. SHOCKINGLY one crew member’s luggage happened to contain some cannabis. He’s been ordered to appear in court for importing drugs into the country. Pretty certain there have been more than a few stories involving Bieber and cannabis, which is probably why this part of the story surprised a grand total of zero people.

Biebs then has to take it to a different level. After receiving a verbal warning when speaking to a female customs officer for refusing to remove his hat and sunglasses during an inspection, Bieber was then detained for insulting said officer. He was released without charge two hours later, presumably because everyone involved was sick of him by that point.

His trip to Australia has been a HUGE success otherwise, what with being caught vandalising his hotel and turning up to shows late. His fans are reported to be pretty darn thrilled with him. You have to wonder if he realises that the majority of his fans are tween girls and their mums; because honestly, they preferred harmless, good kid Biebs. Maybe he’s trying to capture some of the rock and roll demographic and someone forgot to tell him you have to change the music rather than just start behaving like a jackass. Who knows. But who really cares?

Words by Ari Carrington