Engine Demo Video For The Division Is Amazing

Wowza! Check out this silky trailer for The Division. Or rather, a massive PR glory bomb for a new game engine that makes real life look shit. Internet, meet Snowdrop.

It’s a cheeky bit of technological porn that has been cobbled together for the express purpose of making your jaw crack the floorboards. The Division is the reason it exists; a new open-world, always online RPG that’s being published by persistent purveyors of excellence, Ubisoft.

At 2012’s E3 the ever-popular publisher surprised us all by unveiling Watch Dogs at the end of their conference, and this year they managed to do it again by ripping the curtain off The Division just when everyone thought the presenter was rounding things off so she could have another joint.

Details have been thin on the ground since, but this new trailer lets us into the dark and crazy world of game development, AKA a load of jargon shit that I don’t understand.

Apparently the engine will allow unrivaled levels of detail (I’m gonna make sure the first thing I do is read the health and safety notice on the fire extinguisher that it not-so-subtly pans over) and does some clever bollocks with light.

Remember to play game developer bingo whilst watching the trailer. Down a pint every time “dynamic” or “immersion” is mentioned.

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Matt Gammond