Angry eBay User Receives Free Xbox For Being A Moron

It looks like Santa favours responding to idiots over people who are actually in need. You’ll probably be well-acquainted with the story that broke a few days ago about a disgruntled eBay user that paid £450 for an Xbox One, only to receive a picture of one instead. 

What a bummer.

Peter Clatworthy (or should that be Clot-worthy?) was planning on surprising his four year old son with the device. Quite what someone so young could do with it is beyond me, but I’ll allow this X-Factor-style sob story to roll for a few more sentences.

The Nottingham teen was given a full refund by eBay, but was left Xboxless and is claimed to have said Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas unless he got one of the consoles, only to follow that up by saying: “I’m just overwhelmed by the reaction to the story. All I wanted was a refund. I cannot believe this.” Funny that.

He’s making reference to the fact that CEX handed him over a free console, probably in an effort to add a PR Mentos to their ego Cola bottle.

“We as a company are always looking to do a good thing for somebody. Hopefully Peter and his son will both be able to enjoy this together”, said assistant manager David Draycott, no doubt through a heavily-grimacing face. 

Yes, the ploy by the cunning eBay seller was pretty cunning and evil, but even so... you’ve gotta say that Peter should have read the description properly. But because he didn’t he’s been given a full refund and an Xbox One. Is this unfair or am I just a bit jealous?

Actually, the other week I bought a Rolls Royce for £250,000. All I got was a model. Anyone... anyone... anyone? Right, sod you all.

Matt Gammond