Lindsay Lohan to Sue Rockstar for Portraying Her in GTAV

Everyone knows that GTAV was one of the highest grossing video games of all time, making more money than the Catholic church and Richard Branson combined (most made up fact ever). But now it seems like Rockstar may be about to be sued for a piece of that massive pie by none other than Lindsay Lohan (Two halves of the twins in the Parent Trap, and then some mug shots when she got older).

According to TMZ, Lindsay’s legal team are putting together a law suit which alleges that her image was used in promotional material for the game (See below). It also makes the slightly more difficult to prove claim she was portrayed in a one off random event mission. In the mission the player must escort a female generic celebrity away from pursuing paparazzi. 

It is not known how much the lawsuit will ask from Rockstar or how far it will progress. Either way it will probably cost a lot less than the equivalent amount of coverage would from paid advertising. So nice one Lindsay, you have just sold a few hundred more million copies of the best game of the year just before Christmas. 

In related news, a Californian gang consisting of an Italian mobster, a meth head and a car jacker are also suing GTA for portraying them in a bad light. The Russian manufacturers of the rocket propelled grenade are said to be displeased that their product was portrayed in a negative light.

Seriously if anyone was going to sue GTA it would be Mark Zuckerberg who effectively gets his head blown off by an exploding Iphone as the creator of the very facebook like ‘Life Invader’. Dare I say Zuckerberg took the joke well?

GTA Mission which asks you to place IED in Life Invader CEO's phone.

Here's a link to an article about the model who was in the GTAV Bikini poster. (You're welcome Rockstar legal team, invoices to the same address APU.)