Man Named Sam Sung Stops Working for Apple.

An aptly named Apple worker leaving the massive corporation has become a viral internet sensation. 

An image has circulated the internet of an Apple employee’s card and the name on it is Sam Sung *waits for all the techy people to laugh*.
American news service CNBC called up the name on the centre that Mr Sung worked for and below is the transcript, it reads like something from a sketch show:

"Hi, I'd like to speak to Sam."
"Sam who?"
"Sam Sung."
"Oh. Sam Sung no longer works at Apple."
"Where did Sam Sung go?"
"He decided to move on. He may have wanted to do something else."

Little was known about the illusive Mr Sung, however recently a reporter spoke to him and he had this to say "He said he was aware of the Internet interest but couldn't say much because of Apple's strict media policy,".

Do you know anyone with a convenient tech name? Are you called Ann Droid, Mike Rosoft or Wendy Sfone? We would love to hear from you!

Words by Will Whitby