PS4 Beats Xbox One in Initial Sales

It's official: the PS4 is winning the console war. In the UK at least. 

It was reported yesterday that over 250,000 units were sold within 48 hours of it's release on the 29th November, making it the fastest-selling console ever in the UK. That equates to around £87m.

The Xbox One (which came out on 22nd November) sold around 150,000 units in it's first two days. This means that the PS4's sales are 66% higher than it's competitor - that's a pretty hefty margin. 

We're still waiting for Sony and Microsoft to release the official sales figures, but the information given by MCV (The Market for Computer & Video Games) won't be too far off. 

Only time will tell if the Xbox One will bounce back, but it's starting price of £429 has obviously had an effect on launch sales.

Words by Alex Ross Daniels