Daley Dates Dude - Internet Explodes

Tom Daley, the Olympic swimmer, has recently made a Youtube broadcast in order to “put an end to all the rumours and speculation”. In this broadcast he announced that he is in a relationship. With another man.

This has become fast news, with everyone wanting to voice an opinion, whether it be a message of respect for his bravery in coming out, or a crass joke of the “about bloody time” or “no shit Sherlock” nature. Every news site seems to be covering it; it’s clearly a huge deal.

And that makes perfect sense. It’s 2013; homosexuality is exceedingly rare, almost no one seems to be doing it, and even less commonly out in the open, publicly. Who would dare? It’s shocking, people are shunned for it, clearly wrongdoers and anomalies. And for a public figure to be gay? Well no one would ever dream such a thing could happen; he’s clearly the first, the only one even.

Oh wait. It’s 2013; that’s bullshit. We’re a fairly open society, reasonably understanding and accepting, certainly much more so than in previous eras. There are a number of gay celebrities, many very openly so. Social attitudes are more or less around the point that no-one cares if you’re gay or not, it doesn’t really matter; we won’t shun you because of it.


Yes, it’s not a perfect society, some people still do take an issue with it, but a lot more people take issue with them. Every year there are more and more stories of acceptance and breaking down of barriers. It’s all moving in the right direction, and we’re getting pretty close.

So why is Tom Daley’s sexuality such big news? Why is it news at all? He’s not even the first openly gay Olympian; there have been others before him, some who’ve come out to take a stand, rather than just for media attention. 

To wrap up, it’s not a big deal, it didn’t need to be news. And I’d like to be the first to offer Mr Daley a hearty “meh”.

Words by Ari Carrington