Ron Burgundy Presents The News... In Real Life!

Ron Burgundy hits real life TV screens and presents the news as part of 'Anchorman 2' press tour!

Yes, it has really happened! On Sunday, Will Ferrel reprised his role as 'Ron Burgundy' from the hilarious comedy film we all love - 'Anchorman', as part of a press tour for the hugely anticipated sequel 'Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues...'. 

Ferrel has been part of several events leading up to the release of the film, including an appearance at MTV's EMA awards ceremony. 

He was interviewed on the red carpet, making comments about Katy Perry's 'big assets' and calling Miley Cyrus a 'classy lady', and he also managed to grab an interview with rap-star Eminem.

In this part of the press tour, Ron became part of the North Dakota news team and presented a few of the top stories in his usual comedic fashion, getting us all even more excited for the release of the new film!

Words By Dan Pearson