TARDIS Flight through Devon

The people of Devon may have had quite a surprise recently, as a life-sized TARDIS flew through the air and across the countryside. For real.

But what started as joy and awe soon turned to horror and devastation. The TARDIS crashed to the ground. Clearly the many traumas it’s endured over its many travels with The Doctor have weakened it and its structure as it couldn’t handle an impact with the tough ground of the Devon Countryside, and was destroyed. No survivors were pulled from the wreckage.

The group of enthusiasts built their own life-size flying TARDIS and flew it through the Devon countryside before an unplanned and deeply unfortunate crash that destroyed their impressive feat of engineering. It’s not a fully functional TARDIS, only the outside of one. 

Whatever’s going on inside it to make it fly definitely isn’t a gigantic maze of awesome piloted by The Doctor and possibly a friend of his.

It’s actually powered by 12 individual rotors, which if you look at the video REALLY closely, you can just about see, so we’re a little way off flight without visible flying mechanisms. And maybe it didn’t travel that far before plunging headfirst into absolute annihilation, so maybe it’s not quite ready for a manned flight just yet. But it’s still so freaking awesome. Just watch.

Ari Carrington