How I Met Your Racism

How I Met Your Mother has fallen into disfavour following their latest episode; Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra. As the title might suggest, it’s the one where Barney gets his fourth slap. What was wrong with the episode? It’s been branded racist as it portrayed three of the main cast (Robin, Lily and Ted) dressed as characters from kung-fu movies.

They’re being accused of wearing yellowface make-up, which has upset quite a lot of people, who of course took to Twitter, using the hashtag #HowIMetYourRacism. The theme of the whole episode being Marshall undergoing “kung-fu training” in slapping, there was a whole lot of overly-exaggerated Asian jokes.

Following the outrage though, the writers have apologised, saying:

"With Monday's episode, we set out to make a silly and unabashedly immature homage to Kung Fu movies, a genre we've always loved. But along the way we offended people. We're deeply sorry, and we're grateful to everyone who spoke up to make us aware of it. We try to make a show that's universal, that anyone can watch and enjoy. We fell short of that this week, and feel terrible about it. To everyone we offended, I hope we can regain your friendship, and end this series on a note of goodwill. Thanks."

Ari Carrington