Magic: The Gathering to become Magic: The Movie?

Magic: The Gathering. That would be the card game you’d most associate with the kind of nerds that rarely see daylight. You know the ones. As to the game itself, think Yu-Gi-Oh but way more complicated. And Yu-Gi-Oh is pretty over-convoluted and hard to get to grips with.

But that’s okay because nerd is the new cool these days, with superhero movies being quite possibly Hollywood’s biggest export; with LOTR running in the mainstream; and self-proclaimed Harry Potter geeks running down the street in fancy dress.

Fox have decided to get on the geek bandwagon and grab a slice of the pi. They’ve bought up Magic: The Gathering from Hasbro, including the rights to feature the game in “the screen project of their choosing”. That screams Magic: The Movie. Especially given they’re hoping to turn it into a franchise on the scale of Harry Potter or LOTR. Something has to fill the void those two are leaving as they finish, why not Magic?

Words by Ari Carrington