Pacific Rim - Review

Let me tell you something about me. I bloody love giant monsters. I love giant monsters from space. 

I doubly love giant sea monsters. Pacific Rim has giant sea monsters that also happen to be, sort of, from space. Prepare yourselves for a gushing review.

The film tells the story of these mega-monsters that come to Earth through a wormhole located at the bottom of the Pacific Rim. When they come, Earth isn't ready. We lose entire cities to these giant, toothy, clawy, many-eyed motherfuckers. Fast forward a few years...and we have giant mechs that are just about capable of punching these monsters in their great, big monstery faces.

The meat of the story focusses on the pilots of these iron giants. One of them is Charlie Hunnam, who you may know from Sons of Anarchy or, um, Queer As Folk. We also have Ron 'The Pearl Man' Perlman, Idris 'Should definitely be the next James Bond or Batman' Elba, and Charlie (Charlie off of Always Sunny) Day. And a bunch of other people. But they don't matter; what matters is the monsters and the robots built to fight the monsters.

The skyscraper-sized beasts are a certain type of beautiful ugly. Enormous, scaly, occasionally winged grotesque things that look like the product of a Godzilla/Dung Beetle fuck session. One of them looks like a crab, if that crab was also a satanic demon thing, and it is tremendous.

If you've ever seen a Godzilla film, you'll love it. If you were a Power Rangers fan as a kid, you'll love it...unless all your mates made you play as the Pink or Yellow ranger, because no one wanted to be those. If you like any movie ever that features any monster of any description, I reckon you'll love it. It's basically a proto-sequel to all of those types of films, a bookend to them that says 'Fuck your one-monster-per-film noise, we've turned those amps to eleven'. It's as if someone made twenty-five consecutive sequels to the (also great) Cloverfield, them rolled them all together into a mostly coherent bundle of pure JOY.

There are occasional plot holes, and the story isn't the focus (that's not to say it's weak) so occasionally some characters fall by the wayside, but that doesn't really matter all that much, because a triceratops-lookin' motherfucker just decked Mecha-Streisand.

Also, yes, hahaha... 'Rim'.

4 Megazords out of 5

Words by Chris Welsh