Pixar Break Grown Man’s Heart

A few weeks ago I saw an article on 'another' website and they had a thing where a journalist went off to Pixar Studios for a wander around. It looked like a bloody lovely place, full of dreams and wonder and those little aliens off of Toy Story.

Seriously - the 'Visitor' security passes they make people wear have a picture of those aliens and say 'A STRANGER FROM THE OUTSIDE!' on them, which is so brilliant I'm sat here grinning like an idiot as I type this.

It made me want to visit. And, by chance, I am going to be in San Francisco in September on holiday. San Francisco is where Pixar's studios are. 

Imagine that! What with me being a sort-of journalist, I figured they might let me in too.

So, being the cheeky git that I am, I dropped an email to their PR team, asking if I could come and look around, frolic with the Monsters from Monsters Inc and generally act like a giant kid on a never-ending sugar high. I wanted to tell them personally how Toy Story 3 made me cry, twice, and how that almost never happens to me. (The bit in the furnace, where they hold hands, and then at the end where, oh god...with the young girl and the…oh no….SNIFF)

And I wanted to politely ask them to stop making Cars films (You are still reading an article by a grown man).

I sent it off about a week ago, with fingers, toes, arms, legs, eyes and testicles crossed. Today, they replied with this:

Dear Chris,

Thank you for contacting Pixar Animation Studios.

We would like to thank you for your request. Unfortunately, we must decline.

We wish you the best of luck and we are sorry we cannot provide you with a more favourable answer.

The Pixar Publicity Team

And that's it. No interview, no tour, not even any free stickers or a picture of Buzz Lightyear giving me a thumbs up. It is an incessantly polite yet curt and final 'No'. I can't even complain about it. I was hoping for either an enthusiastic Yes or something akin to 'Jog on, dickhead!' so I could kick up a stink. 

But no, they were lovely. I'll get there one day.


Words by Chris Welsh (A grown man).