Coca Cola Tries Frozen Bottles

I find it strange that Coca Cola, arguably the single most famous brand of anything in the history of everything, feels the need to advertise their product anymore. 

There isn't a country in the world that doesn't have Coke (except maybe North Korea, which has Coca Kim Jong Un and Glorious Leader MAX) and yet they continue to remind you that their drink is out there on the off chance you forget for even a second.

They revamped Santa (the Red costume Father Christmas was entirely of their invention) and the appearance of the Holidays Are Coming advert is how many people decide that Christmas has officially started. There was that massive vending machine which required team work to operate, and the one in Japan that you had to hug to get a free bottle of Coke. 

Now the idea monsters at the very heart of Coca Cola have come up with a new scheme to ensure the continued existence of Coke in the minds of every sentient creature under the Sun. The Sun being the operative star, because this latest gimmick is designed to cool people down in the most drippy way possible. 

The Coca Cola Ice Bottles are being trialled in Colombia just in summer time, and are proving to be something of a hit.

Check out the commercial here, but it's in Spanish so... I dunno. You might wanna learn Spanish. 

Fashioned entirely from frozen water and then filled with precious life giving Coke, the Ice Bottle comes with a branded red band that allows you to hold the thing without freezing your fingerprints off. Once you've finished your refreshing and cooling beverage, the bottle melts into nothingness and leaves you with a natty bracelet that says COKE on it.

You've got to hand it to them; it's a pretty bloody good idea. Might not be the most hygienic thing in the world, what with the ice that's been sitting in the machine slowly melting into your drink, but there's no waste left afterwards so the Earth can breath easy. As long as it doesn't think to hard about the extra power required to keep the bottles frozen.

This in the same year the Split-Can, tested in America, which is actually two stubby half cans of Coke which you twist apart allowing you to share it with your mates. Who apparently can't just buy they're own bloody can.

Words by Gazz Wood