Woman Finds Out Her Husband Has Remarried On Facebook

Divorce can be a long and complicated process, what with all the lawyers, court dates and division of assets. Fortunately, for 36-year-old Brian Frain he didn’t have to put up with all that, as he pushed that ‘till death do us part’ nonsense aside and married his second bride Louis Meredith, without a word of his first matrimony.

Unfortunately for Frain though he went and plastered all the evidence of his bigamy right up on his Facebook page for all the world to see, including his first and current wife Anne-Marie Sim.

Brian and Anne-Marie were wed in 1999 following a whirlwind romance, but after 2months their love fell flat on its arse and Anne-Marie scooted off to Scotland. Fast forward five years and, with her lawyers failing to track down Frain, Anne-Marie decided to turn Facebook detective to find her husband and issue him with divorce papers.

However, instead of the ‘it’s complicated’ relationship status that she was expecting, Anne-Marie was met with an incriminating picture of Fain with his new bride… in the very same registry office they had married over a decade earlier.

Fain now faces jail after he admitted to bigamy. Prosecutor David Curtis has informed the Tameside magistrates court that “due to the amount of time that has passed, Mr Frain assumed he was no longer married to her.” Rachel Wilson, defending added that “he accepts that he was ignorant” and, to add a cherry on top of that big ‘ol ‘slap in the face’ pie, his new wife Louise has now left him.

Words by T Bessie Jee