Avengers: Age of Ultron casts James Spader as Villain

James Spader, who you may remember from the 80's (or from his performance as Robert California in the last couple of series of The American Office) will bring life to the title villain of the next Avengers movie when he takes on the role of Ultron.

Joss Whedon's sequel to the insanely successful Avengers (or Marvel Presents Avengers Assemble here in the UK) is due for release in May 2015 and will signal the end of Phase 2 of the Marvel cinematic universe. Iron Man 3 was the beginning of Phase 2, and there's still Thor: Dark World and Guardians of the Galaxy and a few as yet unannounced movies to go between now and Age of Ultron.

So far only Robert Downey Jr from the original movie has confirmed that he will return to play Iron Man/Tony Stark (for the last time) and we've been left to wonder who'll they'll get to play Ultron; the sentient android bent on human destruction. 

Now we now. Spader!

I can only assume that since Ultron's face, and indeed head and every other part, is made of metal that Spader will be voicing the character rather than physically portraying him, but he might pull an Andy Serkis and provide the movements and motion capture for the big baddie as well.

Those of you not familiar with James Spader from The Office might know him from Crash, the one where people find car wrecks erotic not the one where everyone's a racist, or from his recent turn in "Lincoln" where he played W.N Bilbo.

His casting has JUST been announced, so more details will be forthcoming in due time.

Words by Gazz Wood