Beyoncé’s New Hair Causes Twitter Outrage

Late on Wednesday night Beyoncé posted photos of herself to her Instagram showcasing her new pixie style haircut, following other stars such as Miley Cyrus. Although her much shorter and blonder hair suits her well, making her strong cheekbones even more profound  and her beautiful eyes stand out more, it has caused an outrage on Twitter as fans divide over it.

For fifteen years Beyoncé’s long locks have been part of her look leaving fans unsure of the new style. Half of Twitter love it with people tweeting about how she can do no wrong, that the short hair brings out her natural beauty and some even tweeting that if she was bald and in a bin bag she would still be gorgeous! Yet there has also been some Twitter outrage at the new style with people angry that she has cut off her lovely locks. There have been tweets saying that unlike Cyrus and Rihanna she cannot pull of the pixie cut, that she looks like Peter Pan and even a drag queen!

It is not clear yet why Beyoncé has gone for such a dramatic new style. Maybe she is auditioning for the role of a female Peter Pan? Maybe she has been watching too much of Saved by the Bell (see Zack Morris)? Maybe Blue Ivy liked tugging on her hair too much? Or maybe Beyoncé just wanted to try a new style influenced by many celebrities like Halle Berry and Rihanna?

Whatever your thoughts on Beyoncé’s new cut are, never before has hair ever caused such an outrage and gulf on Twitter. It is un-BEY-lievable!

Words by Emily Murray