David Brent: The Movie

The American version of hit UK comedy The Office only just finished this year after 9 seasons, but our original Office, created by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, has been gone for 10 years now. Never the less, Gervais refuses to let his character of David Brent go dormant for too long.

His webseries; "Learn the Guitar with David Brent", has proven to be very popular with fans of "cringe" comedy, and I also bet he isn't oblivious to the money Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa is currently bringing in from the theatres. Gervais is already trying to wrangle a music contract for David Brent, who doesn't actually exist remember, off the back of "Learn the Guitar", and the next inevitable step for him is a full feature length mockumentary.

Brent will travel the globe looking to make his way into the music industry in the film, which Gervais announced to The Hollywood Reporter this week. Whether or not any other characters from The Office will make it into the movie is yet to be seen, but I'd say probably not, unless he hires Gareth (McKenzie Crook) as his personal assistant or something.

As well as the webseries, Ricky brought Brent back to life for Comic Relief this year with a music video called "Equality Street", so he's really pushing that dead horse as hard as he can into the automated Hollywood flogging machine.

Check out the video for Equality Street, which features David Brent pointing at himself then at other people for almost three full minutes, and let us know how you feel about the possibility of a movie in the comments.

Words by Gazz Wood

Gazz Wood is a writer from The Northern Film School at Leeds Met University. As well as writing for Wireless he can also be heard on the monthly podcast Possibly of Interest with TV Producer Howard Cohen and special guests from the world of British TV and Cinema, plus his own weekly show Gazz Wood Has A Podcast. He can also be followed on Twitter @GazzPH90