Rambo the TV Series

John Rambo returned from the Vietnam War a changed man, and he returned vengeance upon those he felt had wronged him, and later this year he'll return to your XBOX and PS3 in the form of Rambo: The Videogame, but soon he'll have to enter into unknown territory. Someone he has never been before.


Sylvester Stallone, star of the original movies (First Blood, Rambo: First Blood II and then just Rambo) will act as a creative consultant on the series, under development by Entertainment One and Nu Image (the company who does all the Expendables movies) but will absolutely not star. God no.

Stallone's reps spoke to the Hollywood Reporter on the subject of their client reprising his role, and they said, "While many movie actors have been crossing back and forth between film and television for years, Stallone has always been a big-screen kind of guy." So no Sly for you, television! Take your tiny screen and get the hell out!

The project is in very early development, and may shunt the timeline somewhat so that Rambo is a vet of the Iraq War rather than Vietnam, so that the series can be set in the present day without whoever plays Rambo having to be in their 60's. 

While he won't star as Rambo again, Sylvester could possibly make a cameo appearance at some stage, although, "That would be an unexpected development." according to his people.

There's nothing about the series on Stallone's Twitter feed, and he's usually very vocal on there about what he's up to, as evidenced by last week's Bruce Willis Firing

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Words by Gazz Wood

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