Bruce Willis out for Expendables 3, Harrison Ford is in

Expendables 3 will star literally every actor you've ever heard of in your entire life, from Mel Gibson to Jackie Chan to Wesley Snipes. They're all joining either Stallone's hardcore crew of mature student mercs or the sexy bunch of young turks who will oppose them. All except for Bruce Willis.

He had a brief cameo in the first movie as Church, a shady character who sets up the jobs for Sly and his crew, and a much bigger role in the sequel where he got to drive round in a golf cart with Arnie shooting people and doing quips. Yet Stallone himself tweeted today that Bruce would not be returning for a 3rd bite of the apple with a grenade hidden in it.

"WILLIS OUT... HARRISON FORD IN !!!! GREAT NEWS !!!!! Been waiting years for this!!!!"

The tweet gives you two pieces of information. The most overt is that Harrison Ford has been cast in the movie. Who he'll play hasn't been revealed, but Ford is no stranger to roughing people. He was the Action President in Air Force One, which you need to see if you haven't, plus he's Indiana Jones (ignore the most recent one. Just... it didn't get made OK?)

So there's that, but there's also something else in there. Something not quite so obvious. Something you need to infer. Doesn't Slyvester Stallone seem overly happy to be rid of Bruce Willis?

Oh you don't think so? Well how about what Stallone tweeted a mere five minutes later?


Now that might not be about Willis. Might be about his housemaid or some sports personality he was watching at the time, but Bruce has built up something of a reputation for being difficult to work with so something like this isn't exactly out of the realms of possibility.

Take it anyway you like, but the headline is still "Willis Out, Ford In!"

Words by Gazz Wood