Jedward To Star In Sharknado 2

No, no… your eyes are quite fine. You really did just read that headline. The remarkably irritating twins are (possibly) going to land their debut movie role in a film that’ll no doubt be total pants… but hugely popular.

The Tara Reid-starring stab in the eye to cinema was a remarkable hit when it launched on the Sy-Fy channel a few weeks back so it’s no wonder a sequel has been green-lit, though there was some doubt as to whether Reid would be reprising her role. Who cares anyway? We just wanna see some more sharks flying around eating people.
But it’s Jedward’s presence that’ll no doubt create the biggest hoo-hah around the sequel, with the duo even set to add a song to the film’s soundtrack. May God have mercy on us all. They came perilously close to starring in the first Sharknado but missed out. If they’re hoping for a career boost from it… they’d be better off running over a sack of puppies for all the good this film will do them.

Words Matt Gammond