New Full Length Trailer for Thor: The Dark World

Everyone’s favourite Norse god is back with the release of the official trailer for the sequel to Marvel’s popular superhero romp Thor which will hit the cinemas on 30th October as an untraditional Halloween treat.

All of the cast are back, but this team are teamed up with new director Alan Taylor whose
latest work was Game Of Thrones which can clearly be seen in the trailer. In The Dark World a much darker tone has been taken, no shit Sherlock, with Asgard under threat from the Dark Elves of Svartalfheim which is headed up by the ninth Doctor Who Christopher Ecceleston. Earth too, of course, faces destruction resulting in Thor (Chris Hemsworth) having to team up with his evil brother Loki (Tom Hiddleston) due to his knowledge of the elves.

The trailer is packed full of phwoar moments. Natalie Portman’s Jane gets to be badass punching Loki in the face, gaining her approval from the friends and family. Thor gets to wield his hammer many times making girls drool uncontrollably. And, we also get to see London being destroyed in yet another Hollywood film – what is their problem?

If the film is as good as the trailer it will be a must watch packed full of destruction, romance, comedy and drama.

Words by Emily Murray