Swedish Fish Wants to Eat Your Balls

For those who are not confident skinny dipping can take a lot of balls; but in Sweden you're in danger of coming out from the water minus those balls.

The relative of a piranha, a pacu, has been found by a fisherman in the Oresund Sound (the sea between Sweden and Denmark) and has made a twist on the classic Swedish meatball dish - preferring testicles to beef. 

Yes, you read that correctly – testicles – and no, it’s not some shoddy film plot. I’ll give all the guys a moment whilst they wince in pain and cross their legs.

It was the first time a pacu fish had been caught in Europe, according to the National History Museum in Denmark, and whilst not a threat towards humans normally previous incidents have resulted in the fish given the nickname ‘ball cutter’. Not something you’d want to leave to chance then.

The pacu, normally found in the Amazon Rivers of South America, was measured at 8 inches (21cm) but can grow to a frightening 35 inches (90cm) and weigh 55 lbs (25kg).

As you can see from its handsome smile (picture) the teeth are flatter than a piranha’s, which means they are stronger and *gulps* perfect for crushing. 

So, next time you are near the Oresund Sound area and fancy a swim remember to wear some trunks. You’d be nuts not to.... bum tish.

Words by Jamie Allison