The 12th Doctor Is - Plus Exclusive Preview Clip

Tonight... just now... Live on BBC One, they announced and introduced us to the actor who will replace Matt Smith as The Doctor.

Hosted by Zoe Ball and featuring past Doctors like Peter Davidson (5th), whose daughter Georgia Moffat is married to David Tennant (10th) and also played The Doctor's Daughter in the episode called that.

There was a potted history of the series, including a look at each Doctor from William Hartnell to Matt Smith, with interviews from companions like Bonnie Langford and the current lady in his life Jenna Louise Coleman all waxing nostalgic about their favourite. 

We got to hear from outgoing Doctor Matt Smith, with a fairly drastic haircut, discussing his time in the role; "I've loved it, I really have, and I'll miss it. But when you gotta go, you gotta go." 

All of that was lovely. Some great colour and background and pageantry and whatever. But like you say to the comedian at a strip club, "This is not what I came for." We turned out for this show to learn who the 12th Doctor is going to be. Matt Smith confirmed that it's a bloke by saying "He came up to me in the street after my first episode and said 'Well done mate.' which was just the boost I needed... If I could choose anyone to be The Doctor, it'd be him."

Him who though? Him Rory Kinnear from Skyfall? Him Idris Elba? (be good wouldn't it?) Him Riz Ahmed from Four Lions?

Showrunner Steven Moffat described the new Doctor as "Different From Matt."

So who is it?

Well... it's this guy:


Peter Capaldi, the bookie's favourite for the the last week or so, is the 12th Doctor.


He's older than the modern Doctors have been at 55 years old (a solid 29 years older than Matt Smith was when he took over) and has actually been in Doctor Who before; playing Caecilius in the episode "Fires of Pompeii" with David Tennant. 

Smith will regenerate into Capaldi during the 50th Anniversary episode in November, and it's gonna be brilliant!

Words by Gazz Wood

Fuckity bye bye...

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