Vin Diesel Could Play Giant Tree Man

He really could. In fact I think it's probably the role he was born to play.

Vincenzo Diesellian (that's not his real name. His real name's Marc) has been prick-teasing the entire internet for over two months now since he was called in for a secret meeting at Marvel HQ. No one will confirm that the Fast & Furious star was even given biscuits, never mind what part he might play in the cinematic universe, but that hasn't stopped old Vin Leaded from hinting and squinting at possibilities.

He posted a picture of a Groot, the talking tree man from Marvel's upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy, on his Facebook page and people Liked it so much it turned into ice cream. He could've just been treeing himself off for a laugh, but Deadline later reported the rumours were true and that Vin was indeed "in talks" to voice the character.

He's no stranger to voicing acting, having played The Iron Giant in that film. He'll also likely provide motion capture for Groot, because the only thing he ever says is "I Am Groot" and that's not much of a part for anyone. It's hardly worth getting Vin Diesel in for that, even if his voice does sound like how I'd imagine trees to talk if they've not had much sleep.

Fans of his won't be best pleased though, because they were all hoping he'd play Thanos or The Vision or someone you can actually see and has lines. For those people Diesel shone a light down the well of disappointment in the form of a cheeky snap hinting at the possible return of the xXx franchise. His character, Xander Cage, was killed off-screen to make way for Ice Cube in xXx 2, but this picture suggests he might not be quite as dead as you'd been lead to believe.

Words by Gazz Wood

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