22 Jump Street Plot Details Revealed

Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum as back as Schmidt and Jenko, a pair of (relatively) baby-faced cops who get drafted into the Jump Street Division and sent to infiltrate schools and weed out crime. This time though they're off to college, and have apparently moved over the road because the sequel to 21 Jump Street (the address of their headquarters) is called 22 Jump Street.

21 Jump Street 2: Back in the Habit is released in June next year, and since they've not actually finished casting the dang thing yet never mind started shooting it, they'd best get a wriggle on. Before now all we knew was what I've already said; this time they go to college, but now some proper plot details are starting to emerge.

Seems that Schmidt and Jenko's partnership is in some peril because once they arrive at college they immediately blend into their respective social scenes. Jenko joins the jocks on the football team and Schmidt gets heavy into liberal arts, meeting a new love interest played by Amber Stevens from Greek. 

Jenko's new best friend on the team is played by Wyatt Russell (Son of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) and they have a lot more in common that just being in the police at the same time. 

The first movie was a surprise ace, so there's hope that the follow-up can fill the same shoes if not bust out of them. A possible lady for Jenko has yet to be cast, and neither has to the rest of the film outside of all the people already mentioned plus a returning Ice Cube.

We'll keep you appraised on all the goings on with 21 Jump Street 2.0, as well as coming up with more fake titles for it.

Words by Gazz Wood

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