Bowling For Soup Interview

We caught up with Bowling For Soup ahead of their final UK tour next month. Being called the Farewell tour and all we wrongly assumed the band were calling it a day. But apparently it’s just their last UK tour. That went down well and didn't make it an awkward interview one bit. Fair play to them, I flew on American Airlines once and it was like six dollars for a tiny can of Bud. Do Virgin Atlantic still have those Super Nintendos in the back of the seat in front? They must be pretty crap now. You get free Brandy on Lufthansa if you pretend to be German or have blond hair.

What are you guys going to do when your band calls it a day? Do you have any other hobbies or projects that you are going to pursue with the time that the band not being around anymore will free up?

Ok, first of all, let me reassure everyone that the band is not breaking up. We're just not going to be touring as much and looking at the projected schedule for next year, as we try to wind the touring schedule down a bit, it appears that I'll be just as busy as I have been. I'll be working on my solo project, spending some time getting my new place together (I just moved in 2 weeks ago), maybe some grilling and gaining weight. Everyone has their hands in other pots, whether or not they be musical, but my time will be mostly spent writing new material for myself and maybe for some other folks. 

Is there anything special planned for your final tour of the UK later this year?
Oooooooooh...Wouldn't YOU like me to spoil the surprise right now. I'll give it a simple yes, along with the statement that fans are going to see the longest BFS show they have ever had the opportunity to behold. 

If you had an unlimited budget for a stage show for the tour, and you could go crazy with props and special effects, what would you choose to have?
We're working out logistics for a lot of cool stuff on this tour right now, but if I could have anything I wanted, I'd say flood the arena and have a full scale naval battle while we take a break for a pint. 

If you could slip into the life of any celebrity, dead or alive, who would you choose?
I'd have to choose Vegas era Sinatra. That just seems like it would be the ultimate party. 

If your band was an animal, what animal would it be?
Of course we would be a Liger. They're bred for their skills in magic. Duh. 

What is your favourite tour and the best memories that you will take away from being in a touring band?

I can't put my finger on one specific tour, but what I can say is that I'll take away 3 lifetimes worth of experiences that very few people get to have. I'll take the closest bond that you can have with your best friends in the world and friendships that I have made that will last far beyond this life. Essentially, I'll have the greatest memories that anyone could ask for. AND, ONCE AGAIN, WE'RE NOT BREAKING UP!

Questions by Ian Pemberton

Tour Dates

09 Oct - Union Chapel - London (Acoustic)
10 Oct - Guildhall - Southampton 
11 Oct - UEA – Norwich 
12 Oct - Rock City – Nottingham 
13 Oct - Manchester Academy – Manchester 
14 Oct - O2 Academy – Leeds 
15 Oct - ABC – Glasgow 
16 Oct - O2 Academy – Newcastle 
17 Oct - O2 Academy - Sheffield
18 Oct - O2 Academy - Liverpool
19 Oct - O2 Academy - Birmingham
20 Oct - University - Cardiff
21 Oct - O2 Academy - Bristol
22 Oct - Pavillions - Plymouth
23 Oct - Hammersmith Apollo - London

The Band have a new album out before the Tour called Lunch, Drunk Love. This song is still awesome though.