Disgruntled Farmer Floods Teletubbies’ Home

When the Teletubbies hit screens back in 1997 (yes, it really was that long ago) everyone fell in love with them, and the show even won a BAFTA. However, it ground to a halt in 2001 and the set was removed from the Warwickshire farmland where it was filmed… everything except the famous hill that is.

Now, owner Rosemary Harding has gotten so furious with people trespassing to take a look at the hill that she’s unleashed a platoon of diggers on the site and turned it in to a pond. Uh-oh! That’ll short out Noo-Noo’s circuits, surely?
“People were jumping fences and crossing cattle fields,’ said the 63-year-old fun-hater, who runs an aquatics shop at the countryside location. “To be honest, we’re pleased to see the back of it,” she told the Sunday People whilst no doubt being laughed at by everyone in the room.
This is officially this writer’s favourite story of the year. And now I have a craving for some Tubby Toast with a side of Tubby Custard. Yum!
Words by Matthew Gammond