Kentucky Fried Soup Goes on Sale

As of tomorrow, KFC stores will start selling, for a limited time, a thing that can be truthfully described as Kentucky Fried Soup. This is obviously happening in Japan, which exists in a time-warped bubble about 40 years ahead of the rest of the planet. The potage (a kind of creamy corn porridge) is said to crisp up nice when fried in the secret herbs and spices, but remain soft on the inside. 

The recipe apparently comes from the late great Colonel himself; found in his autobiography (there are recipes in the man's autobiography!) is the process of making a bacon potato fritter type thing, which the Japanese have tweaked in their neon starlabs to create these delicious nuggets.

The chances of us getting these here in the UK are slimmer than you are, but that's because you eat at KFC too much. Cross-pollination of mad brand food experiments is rare, and we're yet to glimpse the deadly KFC Double Down (A burger made with two pieces of chicken instead of two bits of bread) so the Soup Chunks (which is not what they're called) are probably fairly low down on the list of imports.

Would you fancy a KFS nugget if we did get them? What are the chances are some other flavours apart from corn? Cream of Mushroom? Oxtail?  Let us know in the comments section.

Words by Gazz Wood
Gazz Wood is a writer from The Northern Film School at Leeds Met University. As well as writing for Wireless he can also be heard on the monthly podcast Possibly of Interest with TV Producer Howard Cohen and special guests from the world of British TV and Cinema, plus his own weekly show Gazz Wood Has A Podcast. He can also be followed on Twitter @GazzPH90