Not Even Eminem is Excited by His New Album

Multimillionaire rapper Marshall Mathers has proven that despite his success he really is just like us, by admitting even he isn't excited by the prospect of hearing his latest record.

In an interview with ESPN the real Slim Shady was asked by presenter Kirk Herbstreight what he was “most excited about with this new album”. He responded: “erm, nothing”. 

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This was a rare television interview from the once mighty rap megastar, and we imagine his record company will be wanting to keep it that way.

He added: “It'll be out November 5th. I'll probably be most excited to just be done with it."

This refreshing burst of honesty has prompted other musicians to be more frank about their music. Lemmy from Motorhead has since confessed that “Ace Of Spades is the only song we ever recorded. Everybody just skips straight to it anyway, nobody noticed”, whilst One Direction's Harry added that he thinks their music “is a load of arse”.

The new Eminem album, The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is out November 5th. But we wouldn't bother to be honest. We've heard it's not very exciting.

Words by Ben Gibson