Rugby Player Banned for Biting Penis

Rugby players are no strangers to homoerotic horseplay in the changing room and the bar. In fact it’s pretty much part of playing Rugby. At some point someone is going to do something funny involving a penis, possibly their own, possibly not. 

Biting is also pretty widespread in amateur rugby. There is a fairly common disease known as front row rabies where mad bastards will attempt to bite your ear, lips, eye, cheek, pretty much anything within range and it doesn't really matter which team you’re on.

But now one trail blazer has combined both much loved past times with devastating effect. 

The Australian Anthony Watts has had a pretty crappy time after recently being dropped by the (Best team in Super League) Widnes Vikings after injury. While trying to rebound his career in Australia he has received an 8 match ban for…… 


You have to see it to believe it....