Senator McCain Plays Texas Holdem on Iphone During Syria Senate Hearing

Late last night members of the US senate sat to debate the current crisis in Syria ahead of next week’s senate vote to take military action.

Senator McCain, a one time Navy pilot is a strong supporter of American intervention and has so far had little time for those who are not. The senators sat to discuss the implications of military action and possible knock on effects. So they were not only weighing up the decision to kill Assad regime soldiers (and collateral civilians), they are also weighing the decision to send US service men and women into combat and possibly die in the process.

During the hearing, McCain was snapped playing Texas Holdem on his Iphone by Washington Post reporter Melina Mara who updated the image to the paper's live blog.

The image is blurry but clearly shows him playing the game and making some attempt to conceal it.

The Senator was later unapologetic in a tweet of admission:

Perhaps John McCain does not have three hour's patience left to discuss Syria as he has already seen this latest “compelling evidence” to attack.