Whatever Happened to S Club 7?

What do you get if you mix seven singers, the man who put together The Spice Girls, some cheesy tunes, a few funky dance moves and 90’s clothing? The answer is of course S Club! The band was at the top of their game a decade ago, but what has happened to them since?

If you are of a certain age you would have grown up with their classic and catchy songs, watched their television series Miami 7, seen their film Seeing Double and had every dance move memorised. S Club were not big – they were massive! With their own TV series, film and back packs they were like the One Direction of the late nineties and early noughties.

With three UK number one singles, by 2002 S Club 7 were on top of the world. However, In March 2002 member Paul Cattermole announced he was leaving the group to return to his rock ‘n’ roll roots.

Although they were sad to see him go the band previously known as S Club 7 dropped the 7, returning as S Club with a film, new songs and a positive attitude. The future looked bright, until their fourth studio album Seeing Double limped into the UK Top 40 Albums chart at number 17.

Finally the announcement was made live on stage that after a final single and greatest hits album S Club would be no longer. The band stated that it was a mutual decision as they all wished to go their own ways. None seemed happy with the management with Hannah Spearritt even hiring lawyers to chase down payments owed to them. 

After the split, S Club Juniors were formed, who had some success with singles One Step Closer and Automatic High. Some of their members also shot to fame as part of the girl band The Saturdays.

Rachel Stevens is perhaps the member who has had the most success after the band split, with her own chart success as a solo artist and an appearance on Strictly Come Dancing. Meanwhile Hannah Spearritt is working as an actress, making appearances in shows such as Primeval and Marple. Tina Barrett released a solo album and Jon Lee has a career in musical theatre.

There are three members though who decided to continue with the band. Jo O’Meara, Paul Cattermole and Bradley McIntosh tour bars and clubs across the country as S Club 3 with moderate success. Sure, it's not stadiums or arenas, but they are still spreading the S Club love and helping teenagers relive their childhood. 

Last Monday I saw them as part of freshers week at Leeds and they were phenomenal. I have never seen so many people packed into such a tiny club, yet all were singing, dancing and having a good time. It was fun to remember ‘the good old days’, watching a band I was obsessed with as a child.

Sadly, S Club 3 members have suffered some controversy. Jo O’Meara was a part of the Celebrity Big Brother racism scandal, involving her, the late Jade Goody and Indian actress Shilpa Shetty. Also, all three members were caught with cannabis back in 2001.

However, since these scandals they've been out of trouble and enjoying reliving their fame at their sold out performances across the country.

Sure, S Club ended disappointingly, but it is great that S Club 3 are still touring and playing sold out gigs. It still seems like ‘there ain’t no party like an S Club party’!

Words by Emily Murray