Halloween Prank Angers Parent Into Leaving note Stating "You're An Asshole

So you thought your mum knew how to write an angry letter.

Well think again as a parent chose to address a pumpkin thief in a creatively scathing manner.

In place of the stolen pumpkin they left a large note outside their house, criticising the cheeky lantern thief by sarcastically thanking them for teaching their two year old son a valuable life lesson. To trick rather than treat a two year old seems a little low, as is made clear by the pissed off parents thanks for teaching their boy that "sometimes people are mean for no reason".

Owing to their sons age they signed off with an altogether more adult, "you're an asshole".

Apparently petty thieves believe themselves less likely to be caught so often return to the site of their crime, meaning that they may even have seen the note for themselves. In which case, they ought to feel suitably reprimanded.

Good on the parent for striking back at the pumpkin pincher! You are a hero against spoil sports.

Words by Gemma Clark