Idris Elba to Battle Dinosaurs in Jurassic World

We're already well into the casting of Jurassic World in which dinosaurs presumably go mental and destroy London while America bravely fights them off.

Or not! Because rumour has it that British actor and all around excellent bad ass gentleman Idris Elba has been signed up to play a major role in the movie. He's from Hackney, which before the hipsters all moved in looked a bit like a Triceratops had been at it for a while, so he's not likely to get behind wrecking the place further. Not now it's got all those antique shops.

Director Colin Trevvorow (indie movie Safety Not Guaranteed) is the man driving the blue and yellow jeep this time round, and he's already made stops to pick up Josh Brolin (Goonies, Old Boy) and Bryce Dallas Howard (the woman Christian Bale is yelling about in his Terminator Salvation rant). He doesn't seem to have been past Jeff Goldblum's house yet, but I'm sure that's just an oversight.

Beyond "There's some dinosaurs in it", there are no plot details as yet to whet your appetites for Jurassic World, but we do know that Josh Brolin is the lead and he'll have a couple of kids with him (one whom is played by Ty Simpkins, that bloody kid from Iron Man 3) and that at some stage he might look through a window and find a giant eye staring back at him.

Idris Elba's involvement is purely a well regarded rumour at this stage, and Wireless won't be held responsible if it turns out he's not in it and the movie sucks as a result. Personally I would pay real and good money to see Elba tell a Raptor to piss off.

Since it hasn't been made yet, Jurassic World already has a release of June 2015, so in the meantime you can watch The Wire on DVD with the score of Jurassic Park playing whenever Stringer Bell walks into a room.

That should tide you over.

Words by Gazz Wood

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