How to Understand Kim Kardashians Engagement Ring

The inevitable news broke last week - the power couple of crazy and kooky, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, have finally announced their engagement.

It was an inescapable event in celebland, with the proposal caught on video and the event practically live tweeted by the pair friends and family. They lived out this "personal moment" the way they do everything else in their lives - under the gaze of millions.

The exhibitionist pair had their first child together back in June, a daughter they bizarrely, yet not altogether unexpectedly named North (...only in Hollywood) and have been flaunting the idea of marriage at the media since Kim announced her pregnancy.

But what does one proffer as a proposal, to a lady used to all the finery in the world who is known for her glitzy, glamorous garb?

A 15 carat diamond of course! D-Stone, type 2A cushion cut, if you're interested.

Question; are you a normal person who lives within regular means? Yes? Well, you probably have no idea what a rock like that looks like. Here's an idea:

The average engagement ring is 1.18 carats in weight according to the 2011 report from The Wedding Guide. But if Kim and Kanye have ever done anything according to the laws of "average" then I'm Father Christmas and you can all have a Play Station 4 on me.

That means that the future Mrs West is rocking around wearing a bauble 10 -15 times times the size of it's usual counterparts! Such excess is standard when you're in la la land.

For once, the certain level of one-upmanship that West lives his life by, seems not to have been involved here - the ring Kim's ex, Kris Humphries gave her preceding their short-lived marriage was a whopping 20 carats.

She may be the Queen of Kanye's castle, but she has been out-done. The stunning Angelina Jolie reportedly received a 16 carat cracker from beau Brad Pitt when he proposed with a personally designed ring and Paris Hilton's ring from Paris Latsis was 24 carats of yellow diamond.

But no one will ever out-do the real superstars. Try as they might, all the socialistes and actors, models, fashionistas and entrepreneurs in the world couldn't compare with the 2 massive sparklers given to Elizabeth Taylor by lover Richard Burton. The first was twice what hangs from Kims' hand, at a massive 33.19 carates, the second, an incomprehensible 69.2 carat gem. (right)

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