Kardashians Pose for Photographer Terry Richardson

The Kardashians have taken part in a surprisingly demure photoshoot with controversial photographer Terry Richardson.

Forever making entertainment headlines, the Kardashians have been at it again. This time it was for involving themselves with the celebrity portrait photographer Terry Richardson. Oh yeah, and they are launching another fashion line for Lipsy.

Rather than his typically raunchy and recently, increasingly controversial shoots, this one was to promote Kim, Kourtney and Khloe's Kardashian Kollection Lipsy clothing campaign.

The girls launched a collaboration with the sexy fashion brand last year and have been invited to once again following its phenomenal success. Many of the items had sold out on pre-order and are set to sell well once again.

Richardson made waves recently by having an online public petition made against him, requesting that all his commercial ties be severed, due to allegations of sexual misconduct from models.

Image by Terry Richardson

The girls new line launches on October 24th and features much of the same in the way of their trademark, form fitting style, with edges of their “individual flare”. Accents of luxury, with fur coats and embellished leathers, will set this collection apart from their Dorothy Perkins line. 

The L. A. lovelies have been sparing no shame in self promoting through social media, the method now as much a part of them as the fake boobs and hair extensions.

Causing a flurry of tittering excitement from her adoring fans, Kim posted a behind the scenes snap of her and Richardson to Facebook while sister Khloe uploaded a picture of the girls modelling their creations to instagram.

This shoot is Kims first since giving birth in June and many were shocked that she would be snapped by the less-than-puritanical Richardson. After partner Kanye Wests’ recent outbursts it would seem that the glamorous power couple have not let the new addition of daughter, North, mellow their flare for the dramatic.

Words by Gemma Clark