The Day of the Doctor to be Shown in Cinemas in 3D

The 50th Anniversary episode Doctor Who comes to your television/laptop screen on November 23rd, and by all accounts it's gonna be a right doozy. 

(Take a deep breath) Somehow not content with being the anniversary show of one of Britain's longest running and most dearly held TV shows, and dissatisfied with being the first episode in the modern Doctor Who franchise to feature a team-up between the current Doctor and a past incarnation, AND finding the idea of starring screen legend John Hurt a bit on the underwhelming side, "Day of the Doctor" has gone and powered itself up one more level.

On the night of it's broadcast you can sit in your house enjoying Day of the Doctor on the good old Beeb, if you like... but you can also travel to one of over 200 cinemas and see the epic meeting of Timelords on the big screen. What's more, for fan's of both Sci-Fi and eye-strain induced migraines, the special will also be shows in 3D!

On any other day rival theater chains would be posting offensive things about each other on the internet and planting MDMA in each other's Tango Freeze-Blast machines, but on November 23rd at 9pm they will put their differences aside. Vue, Odeon, Picturehouse, Cineworld and BFI cinemas will ALL be offering you the chance to see the special, starring Matt Smith and David Tennant as well as Billie Piper and Jenna-Louise Coleman, within their walls.

And it's not just here in the UK. Germany, America, Canada, Russia, New Zealand and Australia all have big screens ready and willing to blast The Doctor at your in as many dimensions as you can handle.

If you wanna know whether or not your local multiplex has hopped aboard the bandwagon on this one, go to the specially set up DoctorWho.tv website and use their interactive map to find your closest participating cinema.

Words by Gazz Wood

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