Loughborough SU Break Youtube

Loughborough Student Union recently posted this video online to promote the activities on offer for first years. The video has since received thousands of negative comments and general abuse from students leading the comments feature being disabled.

(UPDATE) Haha they have muted the video now. Don't worry here is the original with sound. You are welcome.

MUTED VERSION (The better version)
Click here on mobiles but they might take it down soon.

It can be hard being a student Union exec. By default only incredibly zany people are able to win elections by grabbing voters’ attention or being the one to get the most stickers saying “vote” on passers-by. This natural selection of zany bastards has clearly lead to the destruction of any self-awareness and the ability to critique their own “Super Awesome Idea” for a promo video. 

Anyway pats on the back for anyone who made it to the end without pouring acid into their eyes; sailine solution for the rest.