Marmozets @ Corporation Sheffield 23rd September 2013 – Review

On a dingy Sheffield night The Marmozets, a young and energetic five-piece math-core band from Bingley, played hosts at the locally infamous venue ‘Corp.’ This band has been getting raving reviews from everywhere, so I had to check them out. I have to say, not only did they live up to the reviews, but having progressed a little since hitting the scene in 2011, they topped anything I could have fathomed. 

A mixture of monstrous grooves, aggressive vocals contrasted with beautifully melodic choruses, perfectly illustrated by songs like “The Perfect Beverage” make it easy to see why so many people are quickly falling in love with this act. Each member is talented in their own right, but it is their stage presence together which puts them head and shoulders above many other bands in the underground math-core scene. From the guitarists playing riffs on their backs to the bassist moshing with the crowd whilst playing, there is always something going on. A must see. 5/5

Word by Sarah Charles