Two Faces Cuter Than One: Two Headed Kitten Video

Everyone loves a cute kitten video but you are unlikely to have seen one like this before.

In Balneário Camboriú, Brazil, a regular house cat has given birth to a two faced kitten. The little one was born as the fifth in a litter of otherwise normal babies. The chances of this having happened are extremely rare and only one other case has been reported this year. In the case of ‘Deucy’ from Oregon, he unfortunately passed away after just two days.

Known as Janus cats, this condition can significantly reduce the chances of the subject living past its first couple of days due to internal complications born of its general rarity. Owners are seeking immediate help in the hopes that the as yet nameless kitten will be a success story.

Cats of this kind are named after the two faced Roman God. The chances of such an occurrence are so rare that there are no official figures on the subject.

The oldest living Janus cat was Frank and Louis, (or Frankenlouis, as he was affectionately known) living for over 12 years rather than just a few days, thanks to careful nurturing in the crucial formative stages from his owner Marty.

Here’s to hoping this little one pulls through.

Words by Gemma Clark