Woman Is Arrested After Shooting Boyfriend With Water Gun

Ever had one of those days where you have said to your other half, “I could just kill you!”?

Well, after arguing with her boyfriend, a Giovanna Borge from Florida, pretended to, resulting in her being arrested for domestic abuse and battery.

The 19 year old is said to have fired a gun at him, resulting in her arrest – despite the fact that she was shooting a water gun. Allegedly her aim in wetting her boyfriend with the toy gun was to ‘to antagonize and agitate him against his wishes,’ a Port St. Lucie police affidavit allegedly obtained by TCPalm.com said.

Her partner apparently irritated her earlier in the day with the would-be-cute gesture of starting a pillow fight. She must have really liked her hair that day or something because she responded by trying to frighten him to death, shooting an unidentified clear liquid (which, surprisingly, turned out to be water), causing the police to be subsequently called on her.

If they did not have relationship problems beforehand, they probably will have now. Let this be a warning, do not fire water guns at those with a nervous disposition. Or throw pillows at people who hold grudges.

Words by Gemma Clark

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