Copies of 50 Shades Of Grey Test Positive for Herpes.

Ever had a library book and wondered what the person that had it before was like? 

With most books you probably don’t need to worry, however copies of international mummy-porn bestseller have tested positive for herpes in a Belgian study. 

Two scientists from Belgium have been testing what is biologically inside the top 10 most borrowed books at a local library in Antwerp. 

After running various toxicology tests all books in the study were found to have traces of cocaine but E.L James’ book was found with trace amounts of herpes between the pages. 

Thankfully the names of the people who have borrowed the book previously have not been released. 

The professors later went on to say that it posed no health risk and it is damn near impossible to catch a sexually transmitted disease whilst reading a book.

A film adaptation of the sultry novel is due out Valentines Day 2015 and will star Jamie Dornan alongside 21 Jump Street’s, Dakota Johnson.

So be weary next time you get a book from the library, you don’t know what is lurking in between the pages.

Words by Will Whitby