Girl Gets Gold Heart Sequin Implanted in Her Eye Ball!

The eyes are the window to the heart…

It’s hard to be an individual in this day and age. When quirky is the new mainstream, it doesn’t leave much room to be unusual. Even if you do think of something that still pushes the boundaries, chances are someone’s already done it and there’s already some weird fetish porn out there about it.

Now that’s tough, because no one wants to be just another faceless drone in the crowd. Everyone wants to be an anomaly; someone you can’t help but notice and remember.

So how do you stand out? How do you mark yourself as different? How can you put some simple sign on yourself to show who you are? Previously people have gone with tattoos; a permanent stamp of their individuality. But these days every just-turned-18 middle-class princess and their mum has something permanently donned on their ankle, which really rips the statement and originality from the act.

It takes someone special and something really drastic in order to break the pattern and still be different. But Lucy Luckayanko has defied all odds and found a way to stand apart from the crowd. Really far apart.

That’s right, Lucy Luckayanko has had a gold heart sequin IMPLANTED IN HER EYE. Okay, technically it’s platinum rather than whatever sequins are made of, but still. It’s pretty out there that’s for sure. And how much did this little gem set her back? She dropped $3000 on this eye candy, which frankly, I think is a bargain for never having to sit next to someone on a train again…