Just Bieber Faces Jail Time

Canadian "Boyfriend" singer faces jail time or a fine from Brazilian authorities after being formally charger with vandalism.

Finally we might be about to see a star being treated like your average citizen.

Justin Bieber was arrested and charged with vandalism after being caught spray painting a wall in Rio De Janerio. Photographs supposedly show the global terror making his mark on the wall of abandoned Hotel Nacional, a crime which carries a fine or maximum jail term of one years imprisonment.

He had apparently been granted permission to re-paint the local sports facility by the City Hall. However, his entourage said that to avoid fans, he chose a different place, only finding out upon his arrest that the location had not been transferable for his own convenience.

Local authorities, however told BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat that Bieber's crime was only a "minor offence", so we are unlikely to be saved from another album for that year while he serves a jail term. Bummer.

This latest escapade, from which he is likely to get away with just a fine, is the latest in his most recent flurry of tantrums. This is starting to become a familiar tune for the 19 year old teen magnet.

He stormed off stage at a recent gig, refusing to finish his set and refusing to perform his most famous song, "Baby", because an over-zealous fan threw an empty bottle at him.

After this latest wave of bad behaviour from the young star, including youtube videos of his disrespecting former presidents and swearing at fans, as well as waking up next to random fan girls and smoking weed, he is lucky he does not serve an older audience. That bottle might otherwise have been uncapped and full of piss.

Though not formally told whether he will serve any time in jail as yet, one thing is for certain. We may be able to stall another album, but we will never halt the onslaught of fan support for the obnoxious brat.

Words by Gemma Clark