Man Eats Bowl of Cereal While Driving Hands Free

How many of you have experienced that mad rush in the morning when you have no time to grab breakfast but are dying of hunger?

Well, one motorist has solved that problem. Potentially endangering the lives of cyclists in the process.

He was filmed by an astonished cyclist munching into a bowl of cereal while miraculously failing to hit anything around him. The footage has become an instant Youtube viral vid, amassing over 25,000 hits.

The footage shows a cylcist known only as 'RagingBike' on a leg of his 50,000 mile a year transit to work. As he rides he spots the hungry driver on his right and slows the video down to show the bizzare breakfaster for those who missed it. They then draw level at traffic lights and true enough, cornflakes on lap, milk, spoon and bowl and all! 

In response to the video a spokesman for the AA said: "It's pretty stupid. It's unbelievable. For some people, their car in a way becomes their home and they behave in such a way that they would in their house."

A question they have failed to pose is; forget driving with a bowl of milk - how did they manage to drive without them going soggy? 

Words by Gemma Clark