Man With 12 Fingers Trying Finding Work In The UK

An Indian man born with 12 fingers and 12 toes is to move to Britain after failing to get a job.

The proper name for his condition is "polydactyly", and sufferers are seen as lucky in India which begs the question, why has he not found a job as a super speedy typist.

48 year old Vijay Singh, from Agra, northern India, is said to be "whizz on the computer" and can rattle off over 100 words a minute. But he claims that as far as typists go, India prefers pretty young women, not dudes with extra digits.

The chances of being born a polydactyl are a surprisingly high 2% and several well known faces are known to have the condition, including English actress Gemma Arterton and former Queen of England Anne Bolyen.

We like the looks of his chances in the UK. He may not be entirely unique, but he certainly is handy to have around.

Words by Gemma Clark