Student Trapped Between Two Buildings for 36 Hours

A student of New York University is recovering in hospital after falling 10 floors and being trapped between two buildings for 36 hours.

Asher Vongtau, 19, was trapped in a gap just 18 inches wide when he fell from the roof of his apartment building. Authorities were only alerted after flatmates became worried that a prank had gone wrong. The rescue lasted over an hour and a half and a wall had to be knocked down to free the student from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Friend Mike Yablon, also 19, was the last to see Vongtau before his disappearance. "They didn’t want to check the cameras until tomorrow. We finally got them to go check it out and they found his cellphone on the roof."
It is not clear exactly why Vongtau was on the roof, but it is believed a false fire-alarm might be to blame as he was seen running frantically up the stairs.

Now recovering in Bellvue Hospital, when he was reached after 36 hours the teen was amazingly still conscious and is described as being in a "serious yet stable" state.

It isn't exactly a drunken caper, but this is sure to be an interesting story to tell the folks back home!

Words by Gemma Clark