The Last Movie Ever Rented From Blockbuster...

Blockbuster is dead. There's no kinder way to say it than that.

They were slow off the mark with internet integration, they didn't get into home delivery until well too late and all that malarky with selling second hand games was just embarrassing. If you still have a copy of King Ralph or something in the back of a bookcase, then you have won. There's no need to rewind, because now the kindest thing we can do is turn our backs on Blockbuster and let it rest in peace.

It's all over. Every location will be closed and rentals are already cut off. In fact, Blockbuster has already seen its final movie rental. The last film, rented by the last customer as Blockbuster's decades long reign reaches the end.

Above is a picture of it happening, at 11pm their time over in Hawaii on Saturday November 9th.

There he goes, the last man to ever rent anything from Blockbuster again (in America at least) and two people who shouldn't be so happy considering they're clearly in their last 20's and have "Blockbuster Assistant" on their CVs. 

I don't know if you can quite make it out on the DVD cover, but the final movie to be rented from Blockbuster is this...

This is The End, apocalyptic comedy from Seth Rogen and Friends, will forever be remembered as Blockbuster's last Blockbuster. At the end of their world, there's the end of the world. 

Blockbuster themselves tweeted the first picture of that chap and those two currently unemployed men, to mark the passing of their business into dust. Seth Rogen spotted it and gave them this reply...

"The last movie ever rented from a blockbuster was this is the end. In high school I would go hang out at blockbuster every day." @SethRogen

Now... quite how that fella is going to RETURN his copy of This is the End, I don't know, but I'm certain neither of those two guys who served him will be giving any of their shits one way or the other.

Words by Gazz Wood

Gazz is a writer from the Northern Film School in Leeds. He also hosts the "Possibly of Interest" podcast with TV producer Howard Cohen (Impractical Jokers) and special guests from the British Comedy world. Plus he's got his own show; "Gazz Wood Has A Podcast", with weekly guests like MISFITS Director Nirpal Bhogal and Sex & Relationships Expert Annabelle Knight! Good Lord!